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Read about some of the amazing people who have chosen to be part of the BOOM culture and how their journey has improved their mind, body and soul along the way.

I have been a P.T. client of Jay’s for about two years. In that time he has kept my workouts interesting, (very) challenging and fun. He can read when I need to take it easy and when to push me to the next level. Previously I was cardio only (running), but since I have been training with Jay and incorporating weights and body strength exercises as well as the cardio, I have lost weight and kept it off. I’m much more toned and happy with the way my body (and mind) looks and feels. It has also helped immensely with my other passion which is running. I’m much stronger, faster and fitter. Thanks Jay, it’s a real pleasure working with you and I look forward to continuing along the road towards new goals and aspirations! 

My first experience with Jay as a coach was back in 2009 when I first walked into one of his boxing classes, since then I have never looked back it changed my life.

His sheer determination for helping others achieve their goals is incredible, he has a talent like no other, and he has passion which oozes from him.

He has found his true calling.

He has personally helped me achieve so much in the time that I have been training with him, I have lost over 20kgs, and 4 dress sizes. I have fought in my first fight in 2015 and his support, encouragement and honesty through this time was amazing, there were tears and I felt punished at times BUT this was because he could see the potential and the best thing is he believes in you.

He is a great man, a Fantastic passionate and determined coach and he has created a culture at the gym like no other!

So if you want to join a FAMILY and get results this is the place to be! BOOM

When I started training with Jay in March 2017 I was extremely overweight (150kgs) I felt tired all the time, I had no motivation, I didn’t want to socialise because I was embarrassed of the weight I was at and hated that when I did go out people would stare (or I thought they were staring).  In February 2017 Jay advertised for 2 people to apply to be part of a 6 week challenge that he was offering for free, the terms were that you needed to be serious, you needed to put in the work, and you needed to want to change your life for the better.  At first, I passed the post a few times, I thought, “ I could do that” and “ that would be good” but then the devil on my shoulder was telling me there was no way I was ready for this and I was too unfit to start something like this and then a good friend tagged me in it and told me to rip off the plaster and just go for it, so with the support of her and my partner I wrote and applied and about a week later Jay phoned me to tell me I was “the chosen one”.  I’m not going to lie, I was excited, anxious, nervous, angry that I applied, excited again then just couldn’t wait to get started.

The first day, I arrived I was petrified but ready, Jay was super welcoming and straight away got into what we were going to be doing over the next 6 weeks and how he was going to help me.  Then it began.  For the next 6 weeks I was pushed to my limits twice a week with a variety of different circuits to keep me motivated and interested in coming back.  Between the circuit/resistance training I would also do the boxing classes so there was plenty of variety and what I think kept me going and wanting to come back mostly was the fact that it’s a small compact gym, and that you are made to feel like part of a “family”.

Once the 6 week challenge had ended I had lost a total of 7kgs, 3cm off my hips, a massive 7cm off my chest and 6cm off my waist, I felt so much better in myself but still had a long way to go so decided join Boom boxing and fitness and carry on with my journey,  in the time I was with Boom boxing (6 months) I managed to lose the 20kilos I needed to lose.  So thanks Jay and famz you helped me to live a better life, make better choices with food, and mainly feel fitter and healthier in myself.

I would not hesitate to recommend boom boxing or Jay as a trainer to anyone that was looking at wanting to start or get back into a fitness routine.  There are a variety of different boxing classes and Jay is super flexible with times and days that he is able to train you one on one.  He is not like every other trainer, he cares about his clients and he goes above and beyond to get them to whatever goal they want to get to.

After being an active gym goer for many years and a little bored with the same routine the time seemed perfect to look for something new and something different.

I had always loved boxing as part of my PT Sessions so after a chat with a friend about where she was boxing I decided to try Boom Boxing PT Studio. The welcome approach from owner Jay soon had me hooked! Every class I attended was completely different to the next. The environment was encouraging and supportive and the people awesome.

It has been almost 2 years now since I first joined the Boom Boxing family and I have never looked back!.. I added to my weekly routine with a PT session with Jay.
He motivates pushes and encourages me every session.

If you are looking for that something else or that something different I encourage you to come along and give it ago – you will not regret it I promise you!

Jay saw potential in me and encouraged me to get into the ring. I don’t have a violent bone in my body, but he helped me get over the stigma and I grew to love the sport. He is a really supportive trainer and full of knowledge. He pushed me to be the best I could be, but made sure I was comfortable before I had my first exhibition fight. Now I can’t wait for my next fight! 

I meet Jay pre season training for Glenfield Rugby Club in January 15. It was my first ever experience with anything to do with boxing but I was hooked straight away. As soon as rugby season finished I signed up it was the best decision I have made. I’ve been involved in sport all my life but have never stepped inside a boxing ring and I finally got my first opportunity in Oct 2015 after a 13 week boxing camp.

Jay was a huge help from Day 1 I could have not followed it through without his support and guidance I had so many questions and he was always willing to take 5minutes out of his time to really make sure I had the correct technique. The trainings were gruelling but very rewarding I started my boxing camp at 158kgs but by the time my fight came around I was weighing 143kgs and I was feeling fit and healthy for the first time in years.

If you have not yet had a chance to try something new and you are a sport junkie like myself I really recommend joining the team at Boom boxing and fitness we have a small but great family environment here, everyone is really helpful and friendly.  I look forward to seeing you there.

My Journey….

The first thing people ask me is “what made you want to fight?”. My initial response was always “I have no friggen idea!”.  However, that would be a lie.  I do know why.  I was asked by my best friend if I would box in her fund raiser fight night. I refused about a million times, but then she got desperate, so I said if Jay said I was ready and could do it, then I would.  Jay said I wasn’t, I was pissed.  I thought “what do you mean I wasn’t ready, I’m capable, I’m fit, I can do it!”.

But after seeing the girls fight of the night of the fund raiser, I was so thankful Jay knew what he was talking about, no way was I ready, plus I would of been coming into the fight with only 6 weeks of training. What the f#%k was I thinking!  There is no better coach than one who puts your safety first above anything else.  I wasn’t physically ready, had no sparring experience and no way mentally prepared for a fight whatsoever. 

With Jay saying I wasn’t ready, it didn’t mean he didn’t believe I could do it, he knew I could.  I just needed the right amount of training, coaching and most importantly, being in the right frame of mind.  I started thinking more and more about wanting to take that next step and when the opportunity came to train to fight, I was ready.  (Although I had no idea what was about to come).

13 weeks of training.  Not one day did I not feel physically or mentally drained.  Days of dread, stress, exhaustion, self doubt and for me loneliness.  With not having a partner,  I just wanted someone to hold me at the end of each day and tell me I was doing ok.   I may not of got that at home, but not one day went by without encouragement, support, motivation and belief by Jay, his team and the other awesome fighters.  My friend told me the weeks of training would be 10 times worst than the actual fight itself, he wasn’t far wrong.

Stepping into the ring, the adrenaline, the fear, the excitement and before the fight even started, the sense of victory, win or lose I did it, I made it!  I crossed every barrier I had ever been afraid of or held me back to achieve something that I never thought imaginable. I finally started to believe…in me.

I started with Jay 3 1/2 years ago, I was overweight, shy, anxious, had no coordination and felt sorry for anyone who landed me as a partner.   Three years later I’m confident, strong, half my original size, and what I’m most proud of…I’m a box fight contender.   Thanks to a coach that never stopped believing.  Jays dedication, knowledge and motivation in boxing and training is unprecedented.  With that and the family that is Boom Boxing, my journey is only just beginning. 

My Story – Tracy

When Jay decided that he was going to host a corporate boxing event for first timers and amateurs, I thought “yes” I want to give this a go. For me it was the next step after doing boxfit for 4 years. I`ve always enjoyed boxfit and knew I`d regret it if I didn`t take on the challenge of stepping into the ring especially as I`m already in my 40s. Well, after the first two sparring sessions I sure had second thoughts! Mental ! But when listening to Jay and the experiences he`s had training people, he explained to us the processes and journey we would be going to go through and it was going to be challenging but definitely rewarding so just aim to stick to your plan. Turns out he was pretty right. 

Unfortunately for me I got injured in the first week of sparring, I tried to carry on but a neck injury forced me to miss the majority of the 12 weeks of training and sparring. I decided to keep going to a lot of the training sessions to watch and listen and I learnt a lot from just watching. It`s still not the same as getting in and sparring though…far from it! I had opportunities to practice light sparring and movement as I improved in the last few weeks during class times mainly with Shelly which was awesome for learning strategies and realising how all these techniques I`d been listening about could actually work. I did extra fitness training like running and climbing thousands of stairs to be at the top of my fitness but basically I had to train with my brain and just soak up any info I could, and having Jay believe in me and encouraging me really kept me wanting to do this. He seemed to know what type of training I would need to get me into that ring. Jay seemed to know that with all of us. In the end I managed to have 6 good spars in the last 2 weeks before the fight. I definitely felt like the others were on a totally different level than me but I felt ok with my effort and just had to put on my brave suit and big girl panties and believe in myself! 

When fight day arrived I`ve never felt so nervous for such a long time- all day! I likened the process to being in labour haha, well I`ve been there 4 times! You know its gonna hurt, you don`t know how its gonna go, but you get an amazing ending and a feeling of pride. Those 3 x 2 min rounds were coming at me, I had plenty of amazing noisy crowd supporters, and all I had to do was calm my heart the feck down and go out there and push through and way past my comfort zone. Those 3 rounds tested my skills, my fitness  and my willpower but they actually went pretty good. I finished the 3 rounds, I was fine, I was still standing,  and I felt so  proud of myself that I went through with this and it felt so good. Such a unique feeling and sense of pride… I didn`t win my fight ,but it was very close so that made me happy. I feel like a winner anyway just because I did it! I congratulate Steph for getting in that ring with me and taking on her first boxing challenge and winning it too. Thanks for being my boxing opponent. BOOM. 

Some might say you need to be an angry person, you need some `Mongrel` in you to do a fight and that`s what many told me… I didn`t go with that! I knew I needed to stick to being myself and I am a very calm person normally.  

What you do need is the desire to challenge yourself, the want to learn something new, the plan to stick to a goal, and the ability to stay calm and focussed and do it with passion. You also need lots of support from the closest people around you. Boxing is a true sport and you really realise this when you are learning just how many skills and techniques are involved. I really admire anyone who puts themselves in that ring. There`s so much more to it than just punching someone in the head. Its been a  very interesting sport to learn and be a part of. 

I also admire Jay our coach as without his knowledge, hours of patience, endless encouragement, and his desire to do something special for us as his members, we would not have been able to achieve this. His ability to do the match ups for the fights proved he knows what he is doing as the fights were all so close and good. It was such a good night! Thanks to all of the fellow Boom boxing members , your support and encouragement is such a key element, I feel lucky to be part of such a neat group of people. To anyone thinking about giving it a go, I suggest you talk to Jay at Boom Boxing. It`s his passion….and he is a proud coach! Say no more.

Thank you all for this experience, I`ll never forget it or regret it. It`s given me the guts to do more of what I want to do, it`s made me want to inspire others more and it`s also teaching my children to go after their dreams and to believe in themselves! 


I’ve always done some sort of fitness but always hated it because I never saw improvements. That’s mainly because I never pushed myself because I wasn’t enjoying anything.

However, I found Jay and Boom Boxing and have never looked back! I’ve been going for just over 6 month’s and have found myself a lot more fitter and have slimmed down.

Jay and the team are the reason I keep going back, the atmosphere always has great vibes. Jay pushes me each and every class while helping with my form and stance.
Being 100% new to Boxing I was scared, mainly of getting punched in the face or something but quickly learnt that that’s not the case. Everyone adjust’s to you, while still testing you and giving you a workout to make you sore for a couple days.

Extremely thankful for Jay and my Boom family.

At 63 I was looking for a gym that would suit my needs and not be too intimidating. After a battle fought and won with cancer my fitness level was non-existent and apprehension levels were high. I needed a personal trainer that really cared about my progress, who would guide and mentor me, to become the best that I could be.
From the moment I met Jay I knew he was a person that could help me achieve my goals and also the one that would help change my life for the better. I started training with Jay 2 years ago and during that time I have been challenged and pushed. Jay makes working out fun, coaxing and cajoling me in the beginning to try what was well outside of my comfort zone, inspiring me to reach new goals.
I have been very impressed by his passion to help clients, his knowledge, and his ability to connect with his clients. Jay is very caring and attentive to what each client needs, what their limits are, and how far he can push them. He encourages and motivates me to do better, and knows how much I am capable of.
Thank you Jay for all that you do, even changing the music for me when I am in the gym. You are more than a personal training you are a friend xx.

Jay Inder helped me tick off one major experience from my bucket list. It was to get into the ring. Sounds kinda fun prior to putting your hand up and actually committing to punching and, in turn, being punched. Being punched in the face is not for everyone but Jay always put safety first. I never felt like I was in harms way, he taught me how weave, dodge, parry, step & duck to get out of that! It is one of the hardest fitness goals I have ever completed.

Mentally ‘being on’ was not always easy – in fact it took a lot of brainpower just to turn up to sparring training at times. What made it that little bit easier was how Jay treated each and every one of his fighters. Like we mattered. Like we were part of his family. Like each of us had the oomph and talent to actually make it to the ring. He was 100% committed and he expected us to be also. He did not hold anything back on the first night’s training session – we knew what he expected of us and he told us what we could expect of him.

Thanks Jay for leading me to the ring – winning was a bonus. Seriously every person stepping on to the ring that night earned a gold medal. We now know what it takes – fitness, grit, determination, nous and a whole lot of support. Jay provided all of these to and for the whole team. 

Awesome experience, awesome team, awesome coach. BOOM.

Got my first taste of box fit a few years ago when I was introduced by a good friend of mine to Jay and have been hooked ever since ! I have found it to be the best workout for me with such a awesome environment and so much support from coach Jay and the Boom boxing family . When Jay suggested I step in the ring I jumped at the opportunity and loved every minute of it . 12weeks of training was the hardest but most rewarding thing and coach Jay pushed me to be the best I could be I would definitely suggest it to anyone looking for a challenge.

I started training with Jay Inder about two years ago. I had been into the boxing/ fitness side of things for over ten years but had a long break before starting back with Jay. To be honest, I struggled when I started back. I was unreliable in turning up to train, I had some health issues, and was going through some tough times with my business. However, Jay never gave up on me and would always answer my calls/ texts whenever and was always there to help.

Well, after about a year of this I finally got my health issues under control and things started to get back on track. I recently completed a 3 month training camp with a corporate boxing fight at the end. Amazingly I lost close to ten kilos and am now in the best shape I’ve been in for over ten years. Jay’s training sessions are always interesting and challenging. I’m proud to be part of the Boom Boxing family. 

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